Oracle Cloud Global HR
• Oracle Fusion Applications Overview
• Oracle Fusion HCM Overview
• Oracle Fusion Deployment Options
• Oracle's Cloud Architecture

Introducing Oracle Fusion Setup Manager
• Application Implementation Lifecycle
• Planning an Implementation
• Configuring Offerings
• Generating Setup Task Lists
• Assigning Tasks to Users
• Maintaining Setup Data: Using Implementation Projects

Define Geographies
• Geography Model
• Geography Structure
• File-Based Import Process

Define Enterprise Structures
• Establishing Enterprise Structures
• Manage Enterprise
• Creating Legal Entities
• Creating Business Units

• Establishing Job and Position Structures
• Review and Load Configuration
• Define Enterprise HCM Information
• Define Legal Entities for HCM

Define Workforce Structures
• Employment Model
• Actions and Reasons
• Defining Locations
• Defining Organizations

Define Grades, Jobs, and Positions
• Define Grades, Rates, and Ladders
• Define Jobs, Job Families, and Positions
• Define Flexfields

Manage Workforce Lifecycle
• Add Person
• Manage Employment Information

Define Workforce Profiles
• Configure Talent Profile Settings
• Set Up Talent Profile Content
• Set Up Talent Profiles

Define Security for HCM

• Role-Based Access Control
• Data Security
• Users and Role Provisioning