Oracle SOA Suite12c
Introduction and Concepts of SOA
o    Definition of SOA
o    Standards and Specifications that make SOA
o    Describe SOA Reference Architecture
o    Understanding SOA Suite 12c Product
o    Understanding Service Design Considerations and different Service Components

Understanding SOA 12c
o    List SOA 12c Components
o    Describe Service Components
o    Define Composite Application
o    Describing Enterprise Manager
o    Concepts of Oracle Weblogic Server
o    Introduction to Oracle Jdeveloper 12c

Providing Services for SOA
o    Defining a Service
o    Describing key Service Artifacts
o    Reviewing Web Service Concepts and Architecture
o    Reviewing Concepts of XML schema, XSLT and WSDL Documents
o    Introduction to Adapter Framework

Introduction and Concepts of SCA (Service Component Architecture)
o    Explain SCA and its components
o    Defining Composite Application
o    Creating SOA Composite in Jdev

Managing and Monitoring SOA Composite Application
o    Basics of Administrating and Monitoring the SOA Composite
o    Working with Enterprise Manager
o    Deploying, Undeploying and Testing SOA composite
o    Debugging SOA Composite

Introduction to Concepts BPEL 
o    Understanding Orchestration
o    Getting Started with Oracle BPEL Process Manager
o    Overview of Oracle BPEL Process Manager Components
o    Overview of BPEL Designer Environments
o    Overview of Activities.
o    Concepts of Partner Links and Service Invocations

BPEL Concepts In-depth
o    Invoking WebServices using BPEL
o    Interaction patterns in BPEL ( Synchronous/Asynchronous)
o    Concepts of Variables and uses in BPEL
o    Implementing Parallel flows in BPEL
o    Conditional Branching in BPEL
o    Suspending threads in BPEL
o    Manipulating and Transforming XML Data in BPEL using XSLT
o    Explaining Data Manipulation and XPath/XQuery Standards
o    Explaining Adapter concepts and Framework
o    Explaining different types of Adapter
o    Implementing Adapters using BPEL
o    Debugging BPEL Processes
o    Concepts of Fault Handling in BPEL

Interaction patterns
o    Request/Response Patterns
o    One Way Message Interaction
o    Synchronous Interaction
o    Asynchronous Interaction
o    One Request, Multiple Responses
o    One Request, a Mandatory Response, and an Optional Response
o    Asynchronous Interaction with Timeout Pattern
o    Implementing a Pick Activity
o    Asynchronous Interaction with a Notification Timer Pattern
o    One Request, One of Two Possible Responses
o    Multiple Requests, Multiple Responses
o    Multiple Requests, First Response

Sharing Functionality
o    Using the Design-time Meta Data Services (MDS) Repository to share files
o    Introducing Templates
o    Creating and Using Project, Service Component, and Scope Activity Templates
o    Introducing BPEL Subprocesses
o    Creating and Using Standalone Subprocesses
o    Creating and Using Inline Subprocesses
o    Describing the Differences Between Templates and Subprocesses

Designing and Managing Business Events
o    Describing the Event Delivery Network
o    Creating a Business Event
o    Publishing an Event
o    Subscribing to an Event
o    Managing Events in Oracle Enterprise Manager

o    File Adapter
o    DB Adapter
o    JMS Adapter
           point to point
           Message Selector
o    AQ Adapter

Using the REST Adapter
o    Introducing REST Services
o    Comparing REST and SOAP Web Services
o    Creating and Configuring a REST Adapter

o    Introduction to mediators.
o    Working with mediators.
o    Event driven networks via mediator
o    Schematron files  
o    parallel / sequential routing flows
o    Fault handling in the Mediator
o    Transaction handling in the Mediators

Human Tasks
o    Concepts of Human Task
o    Implementing Human Task Components in SOA

Business Rules
o    Concepts of Business Rules Component
o    Implementing Business Rules Components

BAM (Business Activity Monitoring)
o    Concepts of BAM
o    Implementing BAM

Testing SOA Composite Applications
o    Introducing the Composite Test Framework
o    Defining Emulations and Assertions
o    Discussing Test Suites and Test Cases
o    Testing Initiation of Inbound Messages
o    Emulating Outbound, Fault, and Callback Messages
o    Running Test Cases
o    Examining Results of a Test Run
o    Using the SOA Debugger to Debug Composite Applications

Securing Services and Composite Applications
o    Explaining Security for Services
o    Describing the Fusion Middleware Security Architecture
o    Attaching Security Policies at Design Time in JDeveloper
o    Attaching Security Policies Post-Deployment in Enterprise Manager

Other topics
o    Dynamic partner link
o    Correlations
o    DVMs
o    MDS

Oracle Service Bus (OSB)
o    Concepts of Oracle Service Bus
o    Concepts of Business and Proxy Services in OSB
o    Designing and Implementing Business and Proxy services using OSB console.