​ Salesforce Lightning

Introduction to Salesforce

Introduction to Salesforce Classic, Experience and Salesforce1

Get started with Lightning Experience

  • Introduction to Salesforce Experience
  • Enable Lightning Experience
  • Deploying Lightning Experience to Users
  • Difference between Classic and Experience
  • Introduction to Lightning Experience Development
  • Visualforce and Lightning Experience

Introduction to Sales Cloud

Introduction to Service Cloud

Lightning App Builder

Lightning Design System

  • Getting Started with Design System
  • Understanding the Grid System
  • Working with Salesforce Data
  • Using Images, Icons and Avatars
  • Laying out a Record Home Page and Using Advanced Components
  • Important point to notice when developing a VF Page with SLDS

Lightning Component Basics

  • Introduction to Aura Framework
  • DataTypes and Keep in mind Topics
  • Create and Edit Lightning Components
  • Attributes and Expressions
  • Handle Actions with Controllers
  • Input Data Using Forms
  • Connect to Salesforce with Server-Side Controllers
  • Connect Components with Events

Using Lightning Components to Salesforce1

Add Lightning Components to Lightning Experience

Configure Components for Lightning Pages and the Lightning App Builder

Configure Components for Communities

Use Lightning Components in Visualforce Page

Add Lightning Components to Any App with Lightning Out

Projects and Assignments

  1. Knowledge of Salesforce Architecture [Objects, Fields, Tabs, Layout, Apps, Navigations]
  2. Knowledge of Salesforce Development [VisualForce, Apex Controller]
  3. Knowledge of OOPS concept and Event Driven Programming
  4. HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery