Salesforce Tableau CRM (formerly Einstein Analytics) Online Training

Salesforce Einstein is a set of AI technologies that allow Salesforce users to use algorithms to analyze data inside Salesforce. Einstein can be used to automate reports, pinpoint workflow needs, and even analyze the effectiveness of teams. In this course, learn how to work with Einstein in Salesforce. Discover precisely what this powerful solution has to offer, so that you can determine if it meshes with your organization’s needs. Discover how Einstein can help you work smarter in Sales Cloud, the Marketing Cloud, communities, and more. SV Tech Soft provides an industry-aligned Salesforce Einstein Analytics (now called Tableau CRM) Curriculum from experts. This content gives students a practical approach to learning, with various projects and use cases to get prepared for the Tableau CRM career quickly.

Why Salesforce Einstein Analytics Training from SV Tech Soft

  • World-Class Instructors
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  • Instant doubt clearing
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  • Course Access Never Expires
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  • Unlimited Access to Course Content
  • Industry-Relevant Projects
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  • SV Tech Soft Training Certificate
  • Graded Performance Certificate
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Take your Salesforce journey from Beginner to Professional level.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics Course content:

  • Introduction to Einstein Analytics
  • Einstein analytics Integration with Salesforce
  • Why Einstein Analytics
  • Environment and Licenses
  • Einstein Analytics Permissions
  • Navigating Einstein Analytics
  • Einstein Analytics Components
  • Understanding Data Manager
  • Basic Terms
  • Initial Set-Up
  • Basic Knowledge on the objects like Account, Opportunities, Contacts, Leads in Salesforce.
  • Exploring Analytics Studio
  • Concepts & Terminologies
  • Understanding User Type
  • Understanding Permission Set
  • Grant Access & Permission to Users
  • Row Level Security & Sharing Inheritance
  • Analytics Settings
  • Creating First Dataset & Lens
  • Creating First Dashboard
  • Creating an App
  • Data Sync
  • Data Sources& Connectors
  • Introduction to Dataflow
  • Different Nodes & Its Application in Dataflow
  • Introduction to Recipes
  • Different Nodes & its Application in Recipes
  • Relationship and Joins
  • Extraction of Data through sfdcDigest Node, Digest Node & Edgemart Node
  • Append & Augment Node.
  • Creation of Derived Fields through computeExpression Node & computeRelative node.
  • Obtaining Hierarchical Data through Flatten Node.
  • SliceDataset Node & Register Node.
  • Add Input Data Node
  • Transform Node
  • Append Node & Update Node
  • Join Node & different types of Join like Left Join, Right Join, Inner Join & Outer Join.
  • Aggregate Node
  • Introduction to Datasets
  • Data Modelling
  • Introduction to Lens & Exploration
  • Creating & Customizing Lenses
  • Introduction to Dashboard
  • Using Widgets for Data Visualization
  • Introduction to SAQL
  • Creating custom calculations and measures.
  • Sharing Dashboard & Lenses with Users & Groups.
  • Collaborative Features like comments and annotations.
  • Designing Efficient Dashboards and Datasets
  • Creating App & Dashboard using Templates
  • Pivot table
  • Exploring different widgets in Dashboard.
  • Real World Use-Cases
  • Custom Action in CRM Analytics Dashboard
  • Different types of bar charts Like Bar, Column, Stacked Bar, Stacked Column, Pyramid, Stacked Pyramid
  • Different types of line charts like line, combo, parallel coordinates, metric radars.
  • Different types of Dates & Times chart like Timeline & Time Bar chart
  • Different types of Pipeline chart like Waterfall, Funnel, Stacked Waterfall & Origami
  • Different types of grid charts like Heat Map, Matrix & Tree Map.
  • Bindings & its types
  • Customize a Dashboard with Tableau CRM Advanced Editor
  • Customize Dashboard Widget Interactivity
  • Advanced SAQL (Salesforce Analytics Query Language)
  • Embedding the Dashboard in Lightning & Classic
  • Access Insights from Mobile
  • Mobile Exploration
  • Analytics Mobile Features
  • Data Security & considerations.
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Data Governance best practices.
  • Set-Up Einstein Discovery.
  • Explore Story Insights.
  • Deploying a Model & Predicting Outcome.
  • Creating a Sample CRM Analytics Dashboard for Sales Insights

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